Monday, August 18, 2008

Peer Reviewed Articles Critical of L1/L2

Here are 4 peer-reviewed, published articles that are highly critical of different aspects of the Lancet articles. I agree with much of this and disagree with some. But there is no doubt that lots of experts in public health and/or statistics find the work of Roberts et al to be deeply suspect.

Daponte (2007), Wartime estimates of Iraqi civilian casualties. International Review of the Red Cross, 89(868), 943-957.

Johnson, N., Spagat, M., Gourley, S., Onnela, J., Reinert, G, (2008)
, Bias in epidemiological studies of conflict mortality, Journal of Peace Research, 45(5), 653-664.

Laaksonen, Seppo, (2008)
. Retrospective Two-Stage Cluster Sampling for Mortality in Iraq. International Journal of Market Research 50, 3, 403-417.

Rosenblum, M. and van der Laan, M.J. (2008)
Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean Tailored to Small Sample Sizes, with Applications to Survey Sampling. International Journal of Biostatistics (to appear in June issue). Technical Report Available at: U.C. Berkeley Division of Biostatistics Working Paper Series. Working Paper 237.


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