Monday, May 12, 2008

Disappearing Questions

The Johns Hopkins webpage continues to be airbrushed in ways both small and large. Previous discussion here and here. Consider some changes:

1) The main page used to have a link to "Answers to Questions About Iraq Mortality Surveys." That link has now disappeared. And, along with the link, there is no longer a set of questions and answers.

2) I have not had the time or inclination to follow this closely but it seems like they had one version of this up for some time. Then, for whatever reason, they decided to delete that and create a second version (saved here as pdf). But now that version is gone too.

3) My guess is that all these changes are caused by the involvement of the lawyers from Johns Hopkins. If it were up to, say, Les Roberts (and perhaps Gilbert Burnham) all this material would still be available. But the lawyers have told them to either be quiet or to be very sure that everything they claim is correct. Since there are numerous problems with the claims made in these documents, Johns Hopkins has decided that the simplest course of action is to post nothing.


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